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11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

When it comes to hiring a web development company for your website development or designing work, there are lots of consideration come in our mind while hiring a web design company. If you have no idea about what types of questions you should ask before hiring a web design company, don't worry. Let's take a look at the below-mentioned few points on it.

There are 2 ways that you can follow to hire a creative web development company for your business. let's have a look.

Online - Searching on "Google"

When it comes to finding the best web development company online, it's not as easy as before. because, there are so many companies you can find on Google, offering the best web development & web design services. But how to choose one of them? 

( E.g., “Web Design Company In USA,” “Web Design Company In UK,” “Web Development Company in USA,” etc. )

Local (Around You)

Finding the best web development company around your location or in your city, Just paste this "Web development company near me" key phrase in the Google search. You will get the whole list of businesses around you offering that service. 

But still, our question remains "how to choose one of them?" or "What questions to ask before hiring a Web Development company." 

5 Tips that you can follow to choose the best "Web Development company".

1.) Determine: What type of website you need!

There are so many types of websites such as Portfolio, E-commerce, Professional Services, Blog, etc. 

( E.g. If you are running a Clothing business, then you should hire a web development company to build an E-commerce or Fashion website, where you can list and sell your products.)

2.) Do Research and list-down your requirements.

When it comes to building any type of website for your business, you should need to do some research on it. And also list down all the requirements that you want to implement to your website. 

3.) Service Cost & Quality

Many web development & web design companies offers the "Free Quote" so just use them and get the free estimation cost.

"Quality" is another major portion of website building, so check the company's recent work and their testimonials on their official website. You can also check their reviews on "Google My Business."

4.) Social Media Presence 

Nowadays, all the major web development companies also manage social media handles to showcase all their projects. These all things will give you an idea about how the company is working, and what kind of quality work they deliver in their projects. 

5.) Customer Support

Before considering, all the above-mentioned things, you should check the company's customer support. "Healthy" customer support will give you peace of mind while working with them. 

So, make sure that the company offers customer support in multiple ways. (E.g., Facebook, Skype, Email, etc. )

11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company. Let’s have a look.

1.) What kind of other services do you offer?

There are so many agencies offers multiple services along with web development services such as SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

2.) How do you price your services?

In terms of pricing, there are two structures: 1.) Flat Project Price, 2.) Hourly Rate. So, before moving further, make sure you clear the pricing of your work. 

 3.) Will my website compatible with all devices?

Responsive web design is a major element in web development. So, make sure that your website is fully responsive to all the devices such as Mobile, Desktop, or Tablet. 

4.) Will you integrate Social Media into the Website?

Integrating social media into the website is now basic things. So, you can ask them to integrate social media into your website for free of cost. (If Included.)

5.) What kind of content management system do you use?

Easy and simple content management system offers the option to update and modify your website's content without the need for coding. Nowadays, WordPress is one of the best easy-to-use CMS out there. 

6.) How many pages will my website have? 

Major Web development company offers up to five pages in their package. If the number goes more, they will charge a few bucks. But It depends on you that how many pages you want on your website, so make sure you clear your requirements before placing an order.  

These are few standard pages will any website have:-

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • FAQs
  • Privacy and Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

7.) Can you create other content such as Logo, Banner, etc? 

As we have said before, major web development companies offer other services such as Logo Design, SEO, SMM, etc. Then you can ask them to design your logo if it included in your package they will surely do for you. But if not, then they will charge you for it. 

8.) Do you perform or include any SEO Services?

In terms of SEO Services, major website development companies create your website according to SEO's parameters. But still, you should make sure that they will do, or not. 

9.) Do you offer Domain Name Registration & Hosting Service?

In terms of domain & hosting, most web development agencies will manage these kinds of work. So, you can ask them for it. 

10.) Will you charge for On-going maintenance or not?

As the trend changes, your website will also need extra web design & Web development work, so make sure the company hired will offer the on-going maintenance or not. If they offer, then you can ask for the pricing and how they will charge. 

11.) How much time you will take to deliver my live Website?

It depends on the company's policy, and also on the work you have given to them. But still, you should make sure to clarify how much time they will take to deliver your live website. 


Hiring the best web development or web design company will take you or your business to the next level in the internet age. So, before hiring any web development company, you should ask at least these 11 above-mentioned questions. 

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